Various Gifts Within Spring Campaign for Used Cars

Various Gifts Within Spring Campaign for Used Cars

Various Gifts Within Spring Campaign for Used Cars24Mar

AlAmmar: Keen to Communicate With Clients and Provide the Best Services and Prices

Khaled AlAmmar, Used Cars Manager at Aayan Kuwait Auto Co., announced the launch of the annual spring campaign on Mudalala cars at Aayan Auto which include three different gifts upon purchase of any car included in the offer. This campaign expresses Aayan’s keenness to communicate with customers and provide the best services and products to them via competitive offers that meet their needs and desires.

AlAmmar explained that the cars included in the offer include a wide variety of new 2012 models from various types and sizes (SUV – salon – small, large, and family sizes), in addition to new Japanese, Korean, American, and German models. Adding that Mudalala cars are cars of excellent conditions, with low mileage and light use, subject to periodical maintenance and most of them still under the agent’s warranty.

Aayan is keen to provide the best cars in strong competitive low prices, AlAmmar affirmed, while offering special offers from time to time, such as the current offer that include giving a special gift to client upon purchasing a car. In this regard, client may choose their gift from the three gifts the company offers, which are free one year warranty, full insurance for one year, or receiving 4 new tires free.

For more easiness for customers and to expedite completion of transactions, Aayan Auto coordinates and cooperates with banks and Islamic finance companies to meet the requirements of customers' transactions and submit complete transaction papers to quickly obtain approval, and complete the transaction and deliver the car to the customer as soon as possible.

Moreover, AlAmmar added, Aayan Auto showrooms cover today most of Kuwait governance, spreading in areas close to customers to facilitate their visits without the need to travel for long distance, saving them time and effort; whereas company showrooms are located in Rai, Jahra, Mahabola, and Qerain Markets (Auto Zone). Additionally, work is underway to prepare Ahmadi showroom, which is expected to be opened very soon.