Auto Aayan Launches its New Website

Auto Aayan Launches its New Website

Auto Aayan Launches its New Website13Aug

Shammari: Website Will Provide Exclusive Offers to Clients

Aayan Auto announced the launch of its new website after enhancement and modernization to represent the new front of the company and to cope with the ongoing developments since the beginning of this year.

On this occasion, Hamad Shammari, Deputy Manager of Marketing at Aayan Auto, announced that the new website ( has been designed in a modern and contemporary manner in order for the browser to feel comfortable as he moves between the different pages; and to find the information he is searching for easily and conveniently in a simple and easy classification.

Shammari added that the new website allows Aayan Auto clients to view the latest offers, products and services offered by the company, which are updated from time to time according to the marketing plan of the company, in addition to providing exclusive offers for website visitors in a page specified for this purpose. Moreover, client can view all types of cars available for the Operational Leasing and Used Cars products to choose from, and to learn where each vehicle is displayed in case he wishes to inspect and examine it directly.

One of the premium services offered by Aayan Auto website, is the request service of the car desired, where the client can choose the car he wants from between the cars offered for Operational Leasing and fill a simple request form and send it to the company, which in turn has allocated a professional team in the call center to receive such requests and give it priority in response through direct contact with the client and to serve him as soon as possible and in the best way possible.

Shammari also said that a page in the website is allocated for Corporate Leasing, where companies and various organizations and institutions can request quotes quickly and practically by filling the Short form on this page and specifying their needs; then Corporate Leasing Department will respond to them within a very short period.

Shammari indicated that the website lets customers know the working hours of all branches of the company and its affiliated garages, in addition to addresses and locations of these branches and garages, with illustrative maps of the locations displayed through Google maps. Adding that customers may contact Garage Services Dept., Express Services and other departments via the website through easy and simplified forms. Furthermore, they can request issuance of various documents, such as travel permits, to whom it may concern certificate, end of financial commitment certificate, cancellation of bank order certificate, and other official documents.

Moreover, the website include, according to Shammari, Installments payment service; which Aayan was one of the first companies to offer online in Kuwait to save time and effort of clients, as they no longer need to come to company premises during certain hours to pay their installments, rather they can pay through the website in the convenience of their home or office. And there is the ability to join the Value service that provides subscribers with a range of additional distinctive services of the finest leasing related services, Value is a special additional services for the elite of the company's customers.