Al-Otaibi: We Do Our Best to Support Our Affiliates

Al-Otaibi: We Do Our Best to Support Our Affiliates

Al-Otaibi: We Do Our Best to Support Our Affiliates22Jul

In a press statement made ​​by Mr. Abdullah Al-Otaibi, General Manager of Budget Kuwait, Budget Rent A Car announced the opening of two new branches in Kuwait, at Rai and Fintas areas.

On this occasion, Mr. Philip Dai Regional Director for the Middle East at Budget International company made a quick visit to Kuwait during which he launched the two new branches, accompanied by both Mr. Ahmed Loughani Chairman of Aayan Leasing Holding Company, Mr. Abdullah Al-Otaibi - General Manager of Budget Kuwait and Mr. Mofeed Al-Ali – Manager of Leasing Section at Budget Kuwait. Furthermore, Dai visited existing branches of Budget Kuwait at Kuwait International Airport, Ahmad Al-Jaber Street in the Sharq, and in Shuwaikh, praising the enormous development in performance witnessed in Budget Kuwait Company in the recent period.

Al-Otaibi explained that the opening of the two new branches confirms the presence and success of Budget in the car rental market in Kuwait, and aims to increase the presence of the company and cover the most important areas of Kuwait. It also comes within the framework of the company's plan to expand and increase market share in the short to medium term rental market. Al-Otaibi pointed out that Budget Kuwait Company, which was founded in 2002, currently has a fleet of varied cars numbering more than 500 cars.

For his part, Ahmed Al Loghani, Chairman of Aayan Leasing Holding Company, said that A'ayan –owner of Budget Kuwait franchise- is witnessing a rapid development in the work of its subsidiaries, as it focuses on the development of their activities in all aspects of the car rental field, whether it is long-term, medium term or short-term (daily and weekly). In this regard, Loghani praised the effort that Budget Kuwait management exerts for business development, expansion in customer service, improve performance and profit growth, stressing that the Aayan Holding do its utmost to support its subsidiaries and to assist them develop their business and the development of plans and overcome any obstacles they may encounter.