Aayan Opens New Branch in Ahmadi

Aayan Opens New Branch in Ahmadi

Aayan Opens New Branch in Ahmadi21Jul

Otibi: Implement a Deliberate Expansion Plan & Continuous Growth in Kuwaiti Market

Aayan Kuwait Auto Company opened a new used cars showroom (Mudalala) in Ahmadi city in the presence of a number of company executives, led by Abdulla Al-Otibi, Assistant CEO of Aayan Auto.

On this occasion, Al-Otibi said that the opening of the new branch in Al-Ahmadi area, which is the fifth branch for Aayan Auto used cars in Kuwait, comes within the framework of the company's plan to expand in all governorates of Kuwait and cover the most important areas of high population density and purchasing power, where the company opened at the end of last year its branch in Qurain Markets (Auto Zone). He stressed that the company is experiencing continued growth in sales and expansion, as a result of the company's keenness on both the quality of service and price to satisfy the wishes of the customer and in order to fulfill all their needs.

Al-Otibi added that due to increasing population growth in the city of Ahmadi and neighboring areas, the company felt the need for presence in this area to reach out the population, especially that Ahmadi is known for the presence of most of the major car agencies and large companies. The new showroom is located next to the Ayen Garage and Quick Service. Ahmadi showroom will provide, in addition to selling cars, operational leasing services to individuals and businesses.

The Assistant CEO pointed out that the new car showroom (Mudalala) presents Aayans’ used cars known for their high quality and low mileage, composed of diversified and new models and types. Such cars are in excellent condition, light usage, and subject to periodical maintenance, and usually are under the agent’s warranty or Aayan’s.

It is worth mentioning that Aayan Auto showrooms spread in both Rai, Jahra, Mahboula, and Qurain Markets (Auto Zone), in addition to Ahmadi new Showroom. Where such showrooms provide various services for clients such as pay the installments, issue clearance certificates etc. allowing customers to obtain these services in places close to their work or residence without having to come to company headquarters.