Kandari: Aayan Offers Honda 2014 Cars in the Operational Leasing Service at Competitive Prices

Aayan Kuwait Auto Company announced the signing of a major deal with Al-Ghanim Motors (Alghanim International for the Sale & Purchase of Cars Co. W.L.L.) the sole distributor of Honda cars in Kuwait to purchase a variety of Honda cars. Leasing Executive Manager in Aayan, Haider Al-Kandari, said that this deal is considered one of the special deals for the company, as the it introduces Honda cars 2013 and 2014 models into operational leasing product. He explained that this deal comes as part of Aayan's policy and its ongoing quest to meet the needs of our customers, and as a continuation of our plan to increase the diversification of car models offered by the company to its customers within the operational leasing product in order to satisfy all tastes and present the utmost possible variety of cars.

Moreover, Kandari explained that the cars come in different sizes (Small, medium-sized, family, SUV's and four-wheel drive). Adding that the deal include the Honda Accord, Pilot, Odyssey, and CRV. These cars will go to customers of the operational leasing product, and is now available to customers in Aayan's main showroom in Rai area, said Kandari. He also stress that Aayan is known in the local market with the operational leasing service, due to the company's eagerness to present car models that suit different segments of society. Kandari noted that Aayan always strives to provide modern models of saloon cars, four-wheel drive, Jeeps and other modern cars within the operational leasing service as they become available to the local agencies, to continue to lead the market in customer service and meet their desires and needs.

On the other hand, the Director-General of Al-Ghanim Motors Honda, Zaid Al-Abdullat, said that this deal comes in the context of building a distinctive and lasting relationship with Aayan Kuwait Auto, which is one of the largest and oldest companies that provide service operational leasing for individuals and corporations.هل تقصد: مضيفاً أن هذه السيارات تطرح للعملاء ضمن منتج التأجير التشغيلي وهي الآن متوفرة للعملاء في معرض أعيان الرئيسي في الري Adding that Al-Ghanim Motors is keen on continuing positive relations with Aayan, especially since Aayan owns a wide network showrooms in Kuwait.

For his part, Freih Alanboi, the Leasing Manager at Aayan Kuwait Auto said that the diverse Honda cars will enter immediately in the company's operational leasing service, which is witnessing a growing demand from customers. He pointed out that Aayan promotes through such deals its prestige and market share and seeks to increase and develop it.

Alanboi added that operational leasing has become a desirable product with demand for it increasing year after year because of the various advantages attained by the client; as Aayan's lease program features flexible and competitive installment plan, in addition to having a distinct location and one of the largest auto leasing showrooms in Kuwait, in addition to having highly capable sales staff with sufficient experience in the operational leasing system. As well as a range of preferential advantages in during the lease services that distinguishes Aayan, offered in the "VALUE" service which include other advantages for the elite such as additional mileage, pick-up and delivery service, travel to the Gulf Cooperation Council, and other special services.

Alanboi pointed out that customers can reserve the car they want to get them in several easy and convenient ways, whether by visiting the company's main showroom in Rai area, calling Aayan call center "Aayan with you" (1880066), or by accessing the website of Aayan Kuwait Auto (www.aayanauto.com).