Impala and Tahoe 2015 Now at Aayan

Impala and Tahoe 2015 Now at Aayan

Impala and Tahoe 2015 Now at Aayan30Dec

Aayan Kuwait Auto Company strengthened its cooperation with Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim and Sons Automotive Company the exclusive dealer for Chevrolet in Kuwait to renew and enhance trust with Success Partners and increase company share in the Kuwaiti market and expand its customer base; and to fulfill all market needs of all types of vehicles within the operational leasing program at the company, as Chevrolet is considered one of the most wanted and demanded car by operational leasing clients.

In this context, Mr. Haidar Kandri, Executive Manager of Leasing Sector at Aayan Auto, announced the strong relationship between Aayan and Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim Company has been established on mutual trust and the keenness of both parties to provide excellent services to build and strong and successful partnership that seeks ultimately to achieve customers' satisfaction and acceptance.

Kandri added that Aayan Auto has recently provided new collection of Impala and Tahoe 2015 cars to fulfill the growing demand on these two models, and they are now displayed at Aayan main showroom located at the Rai area, among a diversified collection of different cars that fulfills all wishes of Aayan customers with suitable and competitive prices and affordable leasing conditions that guarantees Aayans' customers receiving the best services and accommodations, in addition to other unique leasing services offered by the company.

It is worth mentioning that Aayan Auto has always been a leader in providing new models of all types of vehicles as soon as it reaches the Kuwaiti market, and displays it in its main showroom granting all clients the opportunity to select from among all types and models.

Kandri concluded by stating that Aayan Auto seeks continuously to develop and improve the operational leasing products and create new service to be offered to customers to maintain its leadership position in the market. The company is also devoted to strengthening the bridges of trust with customers, both corporate and individuals. Additionally, Aayan is actively pursuing constant communication with clients through the development and activation of its website, in addition to its effective presence in the social media, through which it displays its new products and services. Furthermore, the Call Center team plays a major role in providing assistance and supply all information that customers need. Kandri promised that Aayan would remain constant on this path, fully prepared to meet all market requirements of whatever type or size.