Aayan Extends Used Cars Bazar till the End of the Year

Aayan Extends Used Cars Bazar till the End of the Year

Aayan Extends Used Cars Bazar till the End of the Year30Dec

Aayan Auto Kuwait announced the extension of its campaign launched under the slogan (Aayan Bazar) until the end of the year, due to the response from a lot of clients with this campaign and their appreciation of its content which expresses their true wishes of getting competitive prices.

Aayan launched this campaign in response to its clients' wishes, and as it is accustomed on offering many surprises at the end of the year. Aayan had presented earlier this year a bazar including huge selection of used cars in unmatched prices, causing many clients to praise this special offer that fulfills their needs and wishes.

In this context, several customers said they consider this a true opportunity to own used cars that enjoyed attention and care at Aayan's maintenance garages, plus the fact that their prices are considered very attractive in comparison with the Kuwaiti market.

Aayan deals with its customers throughout the year by providing special and distinctive offers on the used cars of all categories to fulfill various tastes and needs. Naturally, these offers are diverse in ideas and contents whether from the gifts given or amazing discounts or through cooperation with Islamic banks and companies to provide easy and facilitated installments, making Aayan a pioneer in the used cars market. This is also due to Aayan's ability to study market needs and data and then introduce special offers to clients.

In addition, these cars have low and competitive prices compared with Kuwaiti used cars market. Aayan's Bazar was well received by the public and customers seeking valuable opportunities to purchase strong cars with competitive prices with credible quality and diversity of choice. It is worth mentioning that Aayan is keen on supporting trust between the company ant clients by fulfilling their needs and demands of used cars and provides all supporting services such as facilitating ownership procedures or financing at one of our allied financing companies.

Furthermore, Aayan Auto showrooms covers most governorates of Kuwait; located in several areas close to clients and consumers to facilitate their visits to them without the need to drive for long distance, thus saving them time and effort. Clients may communicate with the company to follow the daily special offers through various channels created to serve customers such as social media sites aayanauto@, and the company website www.aayanauto.com, through which customers can see all available used cars and submit a request through the website or call the call center on (1880066) where our trained staff will assist them in their needs.