Best 72 hours in leasing offers

Best 72 hours in leasing offers

Best 72 hours in leasing offers14May

Aayan Auto Company, the leading company in the operational leasing field in Kuwait, announced its presence in the Avenues mall during the coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from April 20 – 22, inviting the public to take advantage of this time to visit its booth and view its products and the special and distinctive operational leasing offers that will be solely introduced in the Avenues.

Furaih AlAnboi, Leasing Manager, said the company out of its constant desire and keenness to serve the clients in every location, seeks to be present where they are to inform them about the latest offers, benefits and services that the company provide to clients. Adding that it shall offer during its presence in the Avenues a special offer to its customers, making these three days “The Best 72 Hours in Leasing Offers” for the first time.

Furthermore, AlAnboi stated that Aayan booth in the Avenues will organize an open contest for the best professional photo for the booth and publishing it with hash tag (#best_leasing_offers), the winner will receive a prize of IPhone 7 presented by Aayan Auto.

Aayan Kuwait Auto Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of operational leasing, due to its distinguished during leasing services to clients, as Aayan provides varied selection of vehicles of different models satisfying all clients’ needs, in very reasonable and competitive prices, and easy leasing conditions allowing Aayan clients to receive the best services and facilities, in addition to other leasing services exclusively offered by the company.

AlAnboi affirmed the company’s constant strive to develop operational leasing products and create new services to be offered to the clients to maintain its leading position in the market. It is also keen on supporting the trust links between it and all its clients whether individuals or corporations, and on continuous communication with customers thru the development and activation of its website, in addition to its active presence in the social media outlets, through which it presents its new products.

AlAnboi pointed to Aayan keenness, in the context of our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, to develop customer service in line with international standards, as the company is focused on keeping pace with international standards in terms of customer service development and improvement of customer follow-up system in order to provide a fun and elegant experience for operational leasing customers, this is accompanied with offering special packages for the elite clients that ensure them luxury and distinction, as they are offered an exceptional collection of unique during leasing services; additionally Aayan provides the best services, spare parts, maintenance, and speedy car repairs