Aayan Introduces 2018 Cars in its Showrooms

Aayan Introduces 2018 Cars in its Showrooms

Aayan Introduces 2018 Cars in its Showrooms13Aug

Anboie: Kia 2018 Available Now for Operational Leasing


We Continue to Offer Our Customers the Best Products and Services

In its endeavor to offer, and to meet and exceed customers’ expectations, Aayan Kuwait Auto Company (Aayan Auto) announced the launch of 2018 models of Kia Motors for operational leasing service. This came in a statement by the company announcing the provision of Kia 2018 models, in cooperation with National Agencies Group, the approved agent of Kia Motors International in Kuwait.

Furaih Anboie, Leasing Manager at Aayan Auto, said that this collection of Kia cars is the first 2018 models that the company seeks to offer early in order to allow customers, whether individuals or corporations to attain them. Adding that Kia motors are considered among the models desired by clients in the operational leasing program that Aayan excels in.

Anboie affirmed that these models are available now at the company showroom in Rai at competitive prices and preferential advantages for operational leasing customers. He further said that the operational leasing service offered by Aayan offers a lot of advantages for corporate and individuals clients. It allows companies and individuals the opportunity to change their cars every year or two without the struggle to sell or appraise it, saving them time, effort, and money. Furthermore, the operational leasing service is economic as it saves clients time and money through “during leasing” services which include a full range of services such as comprehensive maintenance during contract period, golden comprehensive insurance, alternative car when the car is in maintenance for more than 24 hours or in case of accidents, in addition to road service around the clock.

Anboie pointed to Aayan continued endeavor to create and develop new products that fulfill clients’ needs and desires, introducing the diamond insurance service which is deemed one of the distinguished services that Aayan offers to clients; it provides participants additional insurance advantages with highest attention standards.


It is worth mentioning that A'ayan Kuwait Auto Company owns the largest car leasing showroom in Rai area, Mohammad ibn Qasem St. which is the main showroom of the company and includes a display area allocated for new cars within the operational leasing program of varied types and sizes, so that customers will find the appropriate car to lease. Customers can communicate with the company and follow-up the daily specials through several channels created to serve clients at social media outlets at aayanauto@, company website: www.aayanauto.com through which you can watch all used cars available and submit an application or call the call center at 1880066, where a competent employee shall serve customers over the phone for their convenience and excel in their service.